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High Desert Cannabis (HDC) makes infused edibles for the rec cannabis and the hemp derived CBD market. we also provide extraction services for the Hemp/cbd market.  based out of southern Colorado, our brand reflects our own beliefs based in small batch, high end products, where taste and quality are paramount. 

we believe in the efficacy of cannabis for medicinal purposes and want to support the untapped medical miracle that is taking our nation and the world by storm. we are thrilled to be pioneers in an industry that is helpful to those in need of a mellow mind and body. 


We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States....... (CNN August 2013)

I have met with hundreds of patients, dozens of scientists and the curious majority who simply want a deeper understanding of this ancient plant. I have sat in labs and personally analyzed the molecules in marijuana that have such potential but are also a source of intense controversy. I have seen those molecules turned into medicine that has quelled epilepsy in a child and pain in a grown adult. I've seen it help a woman at the peak of her life to overcome the ravages of multiple sclerosis.

I am more convinced than ever that it is irresponsible to not provide the best care we can, care that often may involve marijuana.

I am not backing down on medical marijuana; I am doubling down. (CNN March 2014)

-Dr Sanjay Gupta (CNN Chief Medical Correspondent)

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hemp/cbd Extraction Services & Products

We offer full service Extraction for your hemp flower - from crude, to full spectrum, to distillate. Utilizing ethanol extraction in our full-service, state-of-the-art facility we efficiently and cost effectively take in your biomass and return it to you in the form you need. We maintain the highest quality returns while taking care of our environment. Our oil products coming soon to a state licensed retail dispensary near you…

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business & licensing consultation

With nearly 30-years combined of business, industry specific licensing, and commercial nursery/greenhouse cultivation experience our principal members offer extensive expertise as well as high level sales, financial and administrative skill. We have a multitude of connections in real estate, government and the Colorado cannabis industry, every thing you will need to let our professionals help you grow your business!


Desert clouds -infused Marshmallows

Every generation comes to be defined by the prevailing attitudes and norms of those bold enough and honorable enough to strive to make a difference. The Marijuana industry is not unalike, yet even those seasoned enough to have 'seen it all ' were taken aback by the poetic simplicity, yet sophistication of the HDC Cloud. Three delectable flavors out now with more masterpieces in the mind of the culinary school trained chefs at HDC. CBD mallows are available for shipping worldwide and THC mallows can be purchased at select Colorado Rec Dispensaries.